Know before you buy! Factors that make Pixiu bracelets

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Know before you buy! Factors that make Pixiu bracelets have different prices.

For the Mu line, probably no one doesn’t know Pi Xiu who is like a god of fortune. Until counting as one of the amulets that people worship very much, Pixiu bracelets have many prices to choose from. Many people may still unsure. Which Pixiu bracelet should purchase at a good price. Today we are going to take a look at the factors that make Pixiu bracelets have different prices. in order to make a purchase decision


It is a process that must go through the steps correctly. By bringing Pi Xia along with the ceremonies to chant at a famous temple. Therefore, Pixiu bracelets that have consecrate according to the rituals will have a higher price than other Pixiu bracelets.

ornamental stone

because the current Pixiu bracelet It will decorate with natural stone for beauty. There are many types of these stones and gems. The more carefully selected natural stones that have teste and clear negative energy are use, the higher the price of the Pixiu bracelet.

There are complete prayers and methods of worship.

Worshiping the correct pi xiu ornaments to help strengthen the god of fortune to fully support us. The purchase of a Pixiu bracelet from a reliable store that has mantras and complete worship instructions. Therefore, it is considered to Pixiu bracelet shop with care and may increase the price. with worship as follows: สมัคร ufabet

The first step is to light incense and candles to announce the sacred things inside the house before bringing the pi xiu into the house. in order for the Pi Xiu to ward off bad things and help retrieve wealth Then soak the Pixiu in warm water with equal amounts of cold and hot water. In order to open Pixiu’s eyes and adjust the Yin-Yang balance. By soaking it for 2 days, but in the meantime, you must keep looking at Pixiu from time to time. to show that we are the owners and due Wipe it clean with a clean cloth and bring it to worship by providing a container of water placed nearby and regularly changing the water every day, offering offerings such as Khanom Chan Ab and auspicious fruits such as oranges, bananas, peaches, pomegranates, grapes and pineapples, reciting Namo 3. Finish with “U A Ka Sa Pi Xiu Anupa Wo Mettajit Prasit May” and rub the important positions of Pi Xiu, which are:

  • Stomach, enhance wealth, abundance, have food and use.
  • head alleviate suffering relax the mind
  • after adding good fortune, good luck, fulfillment as you wish