Does playing on your phone while it rains really cause lightning?

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Does playing on your phone while it rains really cause lightning?

Rain like this, one of the beliefs that have told ufabet is “Don’t play on your cell phone. Just put the lightning on it.

Playing on your phone while it’s raining doesn’t cause lightning.

There is a scientific research test. confirmed ‘both the phone signal and the mobile phone It’s not a lightning rod.’

According to the information of Dr. Komsan Phetcharak, head of the lightning simulation room. Faculty of Engineering Chulalongkorn University have said

“Lightning is a natural phenomenon that occurs under thunderstorm clouds. When the clouds move, there is wind and friction with the water droplet molecules. and the ice inside the clouds cause disintegration of electric charge The negative ions are mostly at the bottom of the clouds. while the positive charge is at the top of the cloud.

It can seen that every area under the shadow. Of thunderstorm clouds has a chance to expose. To lightning, whether at high places, low places, outdoors. But the most prone to lightning strikes are open areas such as swimming pools, beaches, golf courses, etc. and High points in that area, such as trees, tall buildings, because electric charges have the fastest chance of meeting each other.

The objects that can cause lightning to hit humans the most are objects that are high above the human head. Especially objects that have a pointed end, such as an umbrella at the top end is a spike, etc.

case of metal and mobile phone Definitely not counted as a lightning rod. because the phone when using is lower than the person More importantly, the energy of a cell phone signal cannot break down the air into the conductor.

At the same time, there are also reports that using the phone near the strike area. May have resulted in causing the battery to cause a short circuit and cause an explosion. of injuries It’s a side effect, but it’s not a lightning lure.

However, using mobile phones in thunderstorm conditions. It is consider something that should not done. Because if water enters the phone, there is a chance that the battery will short-circuit as well.”

In summary, playing on a mobile phone while it’s raining doesn’t cause. Because of the signal on both the phone and the device. not a rod Be careful of being outdoors. An open place or under a big tree when it’s raining is better.