Things that many don’t know Ear-picking own ears can dangerous!

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Things that many people don’t know Ear-picking own ears can dangerous!

Ear-picking and bleeding Ear-picking and tinnitus Ear pick and it hurts These are all things that can happen when you dig your ears yourself. Whether using cotton swabs, earwax, because our body naturally has a way of getting rid of earwax. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

The earwax can remove by the body on its own.

  • Earwax is similar to scurf and can fall off naturally.
  • Usually the earwax comes off when we move our mouth, for example when we talk or chew.
  • Therefore, ear-hogging is usually not necessary at all.

Dangers of earwaxing

  • Ear pick and wound
  • After ear cleaning, I feel tinnitus.
  • Blood or pus draining from the ear canal
  • ear infection
  • perforated eardrum
  • earwax blockage

using a cotton bud Many people believe it to be safe, but really. Then it causes activation of the glands that produce earwax. When there is more and more earwax. It’s like pushing the wax in the ear canal. Resulting in earwax blockage.

How to clean your ears safely?

The safest way to do this is by a medical professional. Use tools to remove earwax.

In conclusion, we should not dig our own ears as it can cause harm. If you experience earwax affecting your hearing, or if you have any ear problems, consult a medical professional to safe.

Earwax is it necessary? What are the good or bad results?

Ear waxing is still a matter of debate in society as to whether it should be done or not. Some say it’s okay because it’s a way to clean the inside of the ear canal. But some people say it’s not a good idea because it can cause negative effects and cause problems within the ear canal. This time there is information from medical professionals to clarify that

How necessary is earwaxing and what are the pros and cons?

  1. Earwax is similar to scurf and can fall off naturally.
  2. The earwax falls out when chewing or moving the mouth.
  3. Except in people with congenital stenosis or narrowing of the ear canal.
  4. causing abnormal excretion of earwax as well
  5. Ear-wiping is not usually necessary and the use of cotton swabs can have negative consequences.

Negative effects of using cotton buds to dig ears

  1. Some of the earwax is pushed into the eardrum, causing the earwax to become blocked.
  2. Causing the outer lining to abrasion If the abrasion is exposed to bacteria will cause an infection in the outer ear
  3. Earwax stuck in the eardrum for a long time Inflammation of the tympanic membrane may occur.
  4. causing tinnitus or decreased hearing