Paul Scholes has criticized the performance Paul Pogba

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Paul Scholes, a critic of BT Sport, a Manchester United alumnus. Paul Scholes has criticized the performance of young midfielder Paul Pogba in the 2-2 draw with Atalanta yesterday. attitude Dare to predict that if you are 35 years old, you will not know how to grow up.

Pogba Suspended league game came on the occasion on the European stage. As the fact that it played out the Great Switzerland’s stadium until it turns into the second half, Nemanja Martina H replaces the show. body language is not cute  

This kind of behavior , Scholes told him until he was bored, in the next 7-8 years it would be annoying as usual.

“ Pogba needs someone to be mean all the time. Someone whom he sincerely respects More experienced people are needed to support it, ”  Scholes opened his mouth.

“ How old is he, 28 years old ? Counted as an experienced player. But it’s probably one of those people who are 35 years old and still behave the same. ”

“ That guy would only do stupid things. Don’t put your studs around the ball , hit your cleats to show how strong you are or how good your skill is. ”

“ Paul ‘s biggest problem is his concentration on the game. He always acted like he was walking in a lavender field. ”

“ You think Juventus is the team he can play in. He has shown great results and that’s why we signed him. ” 

” The veteran surrounds him, Andrea Year Pirlo , Giorgio Kim Ellis here , Leonardo Boca human species , Gianluigi Buffon and head coach looks on. He needs a guard until he’s 35.”

Incidentally Scholes still has railed Pogba soon leveled the doctor because the end of season 2021-22.