Jordan Henderson believes Luis Suarez will compete in the group stage

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson believes Atletico Madrid forward Luis Suarez will compete in the group stage. PS. Tonight will be booed by the Kop at Anfield for quite some pressure during 90 minutes. But when the final whistle guarantees 100%, the whole stadium is ready to stand and applaud this alumni.

Suarez had football ‘ Reds ‘ three years between partners . C . 2011 to Jun . A . 2014 and then moved to Barcelona and ‘ Bear ‘ current course, keep up with health. Anderson was close to winning the league together in the 2013-14 season, but the tire broke in the last corner.  

So when the opportunity to spear his 34 -year-old returned to Anfield as a competitor would have to accept that those hit ‘ The Cops ‘ hard throughout the match. It would have to wait for the game to end first. The status of a beloved striker is thus to be honored.  

“ There were many challenges against Suarez, everyone knew he was a top player for a long time. Having performed well many times at Liverpool, I learned a lot from him when he played here. It’s quite close to you. We are still in contact, ” Henderson said at a press conference.

“ He is a world-class player. Can create a lot of problems for the support. Always enter the area to win the door. and if there is a chance I’m sure he’ll take it down. So we have to protect that guy as well. Not only Louis but Atletico . Madrid is a global full field. It is clear that you are the best striker. ready to cause problems for all competitors. ”

“The things we talk about now are not as frequent as they used to be. asked him how his family was doing. But we don’t talk all the time. ”

“I think he helped us a lot when he was at Liverpool in terms of commitment. the way he does in rehearsal He always wanted to win, things like playing with injury. and something like that He just wanted to come down and play football. and try to do my best. ”

Jordan Henderson believes Luis Suarez will compete in the group stage

“ As I said I got a lot from him while here. I think he helped me a lot. It made me grow in confidence as a player. Relationships both on and off the pitch are good. ”

Finally, what reaction do you expect from the fans? He would have wanted the supporters to put pressure on the Uruguay spear on duty for 90 minutes, and then at the end of the game, they showed their love and gratitude to each other for three and a half years.

“ When Luis was here he was phenomenal for many years, fantastic and I think the fans know that. I think they would appreciate that and what he did at this football club. ”  

“ I don’t think Suarez will get booed too much. But of course after the game it will be very good. Maybe not during the game. But after the game it must be good for him to be welcomed by the fans. ”

Suarez recently praised Henderson as having improved a lot from his time working together at Anfield in terms of pace , maturity and confidence as a leader. According to reports by ufabet