Thiago Silva urged Singh to hunt for the Club World Cup revenge 10 years ago.

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Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has announced his stance at the FIFA Club World Cup is to win one place. After a decade of failed attempts

‘ Sing the Blues ‘ came to hunt for the last club world championship in 2012 , but that time lost 1-0 to Corinthians until getting the right to retaliate in the UAE 2021 version, so the Brazilian veteran Say the only goal is the champion.  

“ We have great ambitions. We just thought we had to take the championship. It is not unfamiliar for us to play and then lose back. ” The opening against ‘ UOL Esporte ‘

“ We don’t like to be losers. Either as contenders or inferiors Imagination looks even more like a Club World Cup event. ” 

“ Of course when it is a duel between Brazilian clubs and Europe. It UFABET adds value to the championship position. Being a Brazilian adds to the motivation for confrontation. ” 

“ You can be sure Chelsea will bring in a strong kit , prepare well. And hopefully more success than the Club World Cup that failed to meet Corinthians – let’s do something different. ” 

Chelsea won the Champions League while Palmeras won the Copa . Libertadores are the two favorites of the list There is a queue to kick the semi-finals on 8 and 9 Feb. to find the  winner for the championship on 12 Feb.Thiago Silva.