Son Heung-min revealed Manchester United was his favorite team

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Spurs striker Son Heung-min has revealed that when he was a kid, Manchester United was his favorite club.

         The 29-year-old is regarded as one of the Premier League’s best players today, having performed excellently in the past few years since joining from the Blues. ” Spurs ” with both goals and assists surpassing double digits in the past two seasons as well.

         When asked what his favorite club was when he was a kid. The South Korean star said: “Manchester United, of course, because at that time Chi-Sung was playing there.”

         “He is a national hero. In Korea it is also said that he has two hearts. He is a national team hero for me. He’s a good friend to me.”

         “He paved the way for players from South Korea. (with the way of playing) He created opportunities and hope for us. It’s not easy, you know, he’s the first to play in the Premier League.”

         “So I support United. But now I can’t!”