“Sichon” wins the title of “Tranquil Tourist Destination”

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Sichon” wins the title of “Tranquil Tourist Destination”

blue sea lost fine white sand green scenery and rich cultural heritage in each province. Makes the “South” of Thailand full of charm that can attract more and more travelers from all over the world to visit every year. And recently, “Sichon”, a small town in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Has become one of the attractive destinations of Southern Thailand. And is being refer to as “Paradise of peaceful tourism ” Report from https://ufabet999.com

One districts of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

Which has been a peaceful destination for a long time Only 40 minutes away from the new international airport, surrounded by abundant nature. fresh air people smile and the simple way of life of the community that drives at its own gentle rhythm whether it is the faith of the Buddhists in ancient temples Fishermen pull their catch from the emerald waters. Farmers fetch coconuts from towering palm trees. or artisans carefully weaving natural dyes derived from local fruits.

Sichon faces the azure Gulf of Thailand and the shores of “Sichon Beach” have recogniz by Lonely Planet, a world-renowned travel guide, as one of the 10 best beaches in Thailand. Behind Sichon is the “Khao Luang Line”, one of Thailand’s important natural heritages. That source of water and the hight peak of the South. There beautiful unseen waterfall hidden. Ready to open for tourists to experience the amazing beauty

Mr. Ravi Chandran , former CEO of Laguna Phuket (part of Banyan Tree Holdings),

was instrumental in transforming Phuket ‘s tin mining district into a resort destination. Asia’s leading integrated resort today. As a senior advisor to “ Urasaya” (Urasaya)A new residential project on Sichon Beach. environmentally conscious and locally inspire. Which will launched in the next few months. Like going back to 30 years ago in the south Everything remained flawless. Whether it’s natural beauty true culture and complete tranquility. And all this is what both. Thai and foreign tourists want to experience. This is an opportunity for a new beginning for tourism and living in Sichon. by embracing a future defined by heritage, nature and sustainability.”

The heart of “Sichon” is nature and tranquility. There no flashy buildings. Towering hotels by the sea. There no motorize or noisy water activities. There is only beauty and a beautiful way of life. This alone has enough attraction for travelers to explore the local beach market. Stroll through the coconut groves Swim in the Gulf of Thailand view, Koh Samui , greet a group of pink dolphins.