Get to know the hormone “glucagon” for people

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Get to know the hormone “glucagon” for people who want to have a good figure.

In our body there are hormones that are important for the functioning of various systems. There are many types of hormones in the body. But the hormone “glucagon” may not be very familiar. In fact, they are just as important to the body as other hormones. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

What is the hormone glucagon?

Glucagon is a type of hormone that the body can synthesize on its own. It is produced by a type of cell in the pancreas called Alpha cells. The hormone glucagon is responsible for increasing the level of glucose into the bloodstream. The body releases the hormone glucagon. When blood sugar levels are low. It stimulates the liver to convert stored carbohydrates in the form of “glycogen” into “glucose” to be circulated through the bloodstream in the body. And the hormone glucagon also helps synthesize amino acids. and fatty acids to convert into more glucose during times when the body needs more glucose as well.

Glucagon Hormone VS Insulin Hormone

From the action of the hormone glucagon that increases glucose levels in the body. It was observed that the hormone glucagon works in opposite ways to the hormone insulin, which reduces blood sugar levels. Therefore, both the hormone glucagon and the hormone insulin acts to increase And reduce blood sugar levels to a balanced state.

Dangers from low glucagon hormone levels

If the body is in a low glucagon hormone state May cause a risk of being in a state of low blood sugar. Normally, low blood sugar can occur in the morning when you get out of bed quickly and become dizzy and dizzy, but this is a temporary symptom. And symptoms will improve as time passes. But if you are in a state of excessively low blood sugar May cause harm to the body as follows:

  • Irritated, mood swings
  • sweat easily
  • Anxious, hands shaking, restless
  • My heart was beating fast, I felt dizzy, like I was about to faint.
  • Cold body, cold hands, numbness in the mouth and face.
  • Drowsy, tired, not very responsive, not conscious, unable to speak clearly.
  • May have seizures or lose consciousness. If you arrive at the hospital late May be at risk of paralysis.

If you find that your body is in a low sugar state Additional glucagon injections may be given during treatment. This depends on the judgment of the treating doctor.

Glucagon hormone with exercise

Who said I want to have a good figure? You need to know about the hormone glucagon. Because if we exercise during the period when the glucagon hormone works to increase the amount of glucose tears in the body by converting stored carbohydrates in the form of “glycogen” into “glucose”, exercise will increase the effect. The right to burn more energy in the body as well. Plus, the body is not tired because it is in the process of increasing the glucose level in the body.

The release of glucagon from the pancreas is highest during the first 90 minutes of exercise. Then the amount will gradually be reduced, so it’s the right time to exercise to burn more energy. Therefore it should not be more than 90 minutes or 1.30 hours. By exercising to burn recommended energy. It is cardio exercise such as running, cycling, aerobics, swimming, and playing various types of sports. Or it’s a HIIT exercise or High Intensity Interval Training.

Which is a high intensity exercise. To allow the body to pull out carbohydrates for energy during exercise. and began to use fat to replace it This can cause an After Burn condition, or the body continues to burn energy in the body even after stopping exercising. But it is an exercise that is so painful that it is not recommended to do it more than 3 times a week. and should consult an expert and personal physician before starting to exercise in this way