6 factors that trigger migraine

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Write down the 6 factors that trigger migraine and cause severe pain. Unilateral headache Or as we call it migraine, there are factors that trigger migraines. That differs for each person, but there are 6 main factors that are similar, which are enough to be a guide for many people who may still be unsure of how migraine can be.


  1. Throbbing headache, only on one side
  2. often pain in the temporal area above the eye
  3. Nausea accompanied by vomiting

 Migraine Triggers

when having migraines pain Many people tend to look for a migraine pain reliever first. but assistant professor Dr. Amit Chakdev, Faculty of Medicine Michigan State University United States It is advisable to reduce diet, behavior, and avoid being in an environment that increases the risk factors for migraine headaches.

foods high in sodium

such as salty foods, bakery, crunchy snacks because sodium increases blood pressure. affects blood vessels in the brain. โปรโมชั่น ufabet


For example, aspartame has been found to lower serotonin levels.

contraceptive pills

Because it results in a decrease in estrogen levels before menstruation


Because it makes blood sugar levels drop from normal

sleep deprivation or jet lag

As a result, the sleep cycle is abnormal from the original.

sudden change in weather

such as entering and exiting the air-conditioned room to the outside of the building

In addition, there are other factors as well, each person may have to remember that they are triggered by migraines. for what reason As for admin, in addition to these 6 items, there is also a matter of glittering views. a sudden loud noise Including foods that contain dairy products, etc.