5 ways to treat acne Effectively overcomes the problem of skin

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5 ways to treat acne Effectively overcomes the problem of skin that is not smooth and clear.

Although at present the acne It won’t create a big problem for us. But for people who want to keep their face free of acne, acne is a serious problem. Because getting cured is not easy at all. Plus, the longer you leave it on, the more likely it is that you’ll lose more than before.

Therefore, we will introduce the correct ” methods for treating rashes “ What can be done to deal with the problem of small pimples, red rashes that appear on the face, forehead, or chin? So what are the factors? that causes a chance of acne breakouts. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Factors that increase the chance of acne breakouts

1. Various behaviors in daily life
Many people may not really know. And then the various behaviors that we do In everyday life, it may easily be the catalyst for acne breakouts. Such as wearing a mask for a long time, using hands to touch the face. and not getting enough sleep Or maybe it’s something nearby. Things that we may not notice, such as using skin care products that are not suitable for our skin. Until it causes clogging of acne.

2. Various environments around us.
In fact, the environment is another important variable that can cause us to develop acne. I think it’s the hot sun that causes sweat and clogs the pores for a long time. Including the polluted weather and various dusts such as PM2.5 that spread in the air. It also has a part that causes acne.

3. Facial skin that is too weak
It is something that we may not be able to avoid at this point. Because each person has different skin characteristics. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin or lack of moisture There is a chance that a red rash will occur. It’s easy enough.

How to treat acne correctly

1. Do not wash your face often.
Even though washing your face often It will allow us to maintain cleanliness from dirt on our faces. But washing your face often That will make our face dry and may cause irritation and cause even more acne.

2. Feed products that irritate the facial skin.
For the acne When we use acne medication that contains Benzoyel Peroxide, AHA, BHA or Salicylic Acid to apply, it makes our face dry, peeling and may cause more allergic rashes than before. We should look carefully first to see if the acne we have is general acne or rashes.

3. Choose products that are gentle on our skin.
Whether it helps with acne or not, we should choose products that are as gentle on our facial skin as possible. Trying to avoid those containing alcohol, perfume, parabens, or silicones will help reduce irritation and take good care of your skin.

4. Always keep our skin moisturized.
The more people whose skin is dry and peels frequently, the more likely they are to develop acne. Therefore, helping to moisturize the skin is easy. By drinking a lot of water You can also use products that add moisture to the skin.

5. Use medicine to cure acne.
Most of these drugs are steroids. That will help reduce itching. Allergic rashes very well But we shouldn’t buy it ourselves. You should consult your doctor first. Because if used incorrectly, steroid acne may occur in the future.

In conclusion, acne vulgaris is acne that is not difficult to treat. You just have to know what to avoid. which we have already recommended And each thing is not difficult. such as drinking water regularly Don’t go out in the sun for a long time. Or is it that we should avoid washing our face frequently? I guarantee that if you follow it, it can definitely help.